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Oscar Nominees up on iTunes.

Oscars are tomorrow, so its getting a little late to form an opinion on the short film categories, but, Shorts International is continuing with their recent tradition of putting the Oscar-nominated short films for sale on iTunes. $1.99 to purchase, no rent options on these ones.

Ironically, the one film out of 10 that I would without a doubt fork over 2 bucks for, Le Maison des Petit Cubes, seems to be the only one out of the 10 that is not featured. ;_;

Magnolia is likewise continuing its tradition of theatrically screening the live-action and animation shorts at theaters across the USA. Here is the theater list. Even if you've seen many of the animation nominees, the program is supplemented by BAFTA-nominee Varmints, as well as Bil Plymton's Hot Dog among others,  which could make it worth your while.

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